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Using concealers and foundations

Concealers and foundations help hide blemishes to give your skin an even tone to apply makeup. A foundation is specifically used to give an even and uniform complexion to the face and is also known as body paint. It is a flesh-toned cosmetic, as it directly applied to the skin, so you can choose one which matches your complexion.



A number of foundations are available today, which include oil based, alcohol based, powder based, and water based ones. They also provide different coverage, which refers to the opacity of the makeup, and how much it will conceal the skin, such as being sheer, light, medium or full. Pan-Cake foundation is most popular, which was originally developed for use in films on actors.

How to choose the right colour foundation

  1. Test it on your cheek or jaw line, not on your neck or hand.
  2. Choose three or four suitable colors. Apply them in stripes on bare, cleansed skin. The one that is most invisible is the best color match.
  3. Check the color in the daylight. The artificial lighting in stores can be very deceiving.


A concealer, also known as a color corrector is a type of makeup used to hide or mask pimples, dark circles around the eyes, scars, dark spots, spider veins, freckles, birth marks or any other visible blemishes on the skin. Like foundations, concealers are also available in a variety of shades and colors so you can choose the one which matches your skin tone. However, they are usually denser than a foundation and are available in different forms including liquid, stick, cream and matte.

Using a concealer

Unless your skin is flawless, you’ll need to use a concealer from time to time. Select a shade lighter than your foundation and apply it afterward with a fine, sable brush or with your finger. Do it around your eyes and on any blemishes and blend it.

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