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Redefining Eyes – How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

When it comes to applying eye makeup, liquid liner should be applied before anything else. This way, if you have to start all over, you won’t ruin the rest of your makeup. Some women find it tricky to apply liquid eyeliner correctly, but all you need is some practice to get it correct.

How to apply eyeliner

The way you apply your eyeliner can make you look stunning or just clumsy. Therefore, it is important that you perfect your skills by applying eyeliner a few times to practice. Here are some tips to help you apply liquid eyeliner.

  1. Test for colour, intensity and sharpness of line by applying liner to the back of your hand.
  2. Close your eyes and pull your eyelid taut with your fingertip.
  3. Starting at the inner corner of your upper lid, pull the eyeliner brush in a straight, even line as close to your lashes as possible.
  4. For the lower lid, turn the brush vertically to get beneath the lashes and apply liner very carefully.
  5. If needed, use your pointed cotton swabs slightly dipped in eye makeup remover for shaping and perfecting the line.

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