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Make up tips for Eye Pencils

Eye pencils are one of the few beauty products that can be kept around for a long time without any risk that they’ll change color or spoil, unlike mascara which can form bacterial growth after you’ve used it for several months. Although eye pencils are one of the most easy makeup items to use, some tips can help you use them better. Read on for tips on using eye pencils.

Eye Pencils

Coloured pencils

When choosing a few basic pencils, start with shades that compliment your hair color.

Eyebrows: blond to light
Eyeliner: dark brown
Lips: brownish red

Honey Blonde/Blonde
Eyebrows: light brown
Eyeliner: dark brown or black
Lips: beigy pink

Eyebrows: dark brown
Eyeliner: dark brown or black
Lips: dark, reddish brown

Eyebrows: light brown or light brown with a hint of red
Eyeliner: grey
Lips: burnt red

Sharpening your skills

Making a good point can be difficult, especially if you’re using the wrong tool or poor technique. Read on for vital tips to help you sharpen your skills.

  • If the point of the pencil breaks off while you’re sharpening, it means the pencil is too soft. Put it in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight before sharpening so it’ll be harder and less likely to break.
  • To sharpen, twist pencil firmly and quickly, just two times around. Check and then give another twist or two if needed. The tip may break if you over-sharpen.
  • Wipe the blade and the inside of the sharpener with a cotton swab.
  • Tissue off any shavings left on just-sharpened pencil tips before using.
  • Secret for wide eyes

    Here is a trick to widen and waken small or tired eyes:

    Line the inside of your lower lid with a white eye pencil.

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