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How to choose the right Make up Tools

Makeup is not just strokes of colour or a splash of glimmer; it’s a fresh impression of beauty, which relies on perfect application. For applying it perfectly and to make it impressive you need to acquire the right technique and the correct tools.

Professional Makeup Brushes

Here we have picked some essential makeup brushes for that smooth and flawless finish.

Just the right brush

Makeup brushes can make all the difference in how your makeup goes on and how it looks after you apply it, so the right tools are very important to get the right look. Your compacts might have a brush with it, retain it for final touch-ups but for a perfect blended makeup, keep a good set of make-up brushes on your cosmetic rack. A good brush kit should have these brushes. Each brush is made for a specific task and helps you do your makeup quickly and easily.

Powder Brush – A powder brush is an essential brush for dusting loose powder all over the face and for blending makeup. Wide and fluffy, the brush is the largest of the group.

Blusher Brush – This brush is round-shaped with soft and medium-full bristles, tapered at the sides to allow more control when blending. It blends powder evenly over the cheeks without streaks.

Lip Brush – A lip brush is flat and slightly tapered that will glide around the mouth’s curves and place colour precisely. This brush should be chosen according to the shape of the mouth. A pointy brush can define thin lips while a flat square-head brush is good for a fuller mouth. Lip brush is essential for applying deep-toned lipsticks and mixing one or more lipstick shades.

Eye Shader & Brushes – For eyes, different brushes can be used for applying and blending. A wide square-tipped flat brush is used for sweeping on neutral shades from the lashes up to the brow. A smaller liner brush will apply shadow under the low lashes. A pen like brush with long narrow bristles can be used on the brows.

Eyeliner Brush – This is a thin, flat brush that will place and blend colour near the lash line.

Eyelash Separator – The eyelash separator is commonly found combined with an eyebrow brush. The comb separates dumps and other mascara blunders and helps keep the lashes look natural and soft.

Buying tips

When choosing your brushes, these points should be kept in mind:

  • Choose natural-hair bristle brush that feels smooth and soft. Reject any brush that sheds or has a splayed, messy head
  • Test bristles on your skin to see whether they are firm enough to place colour with precision
  • Make sure that the handles are rounded and smooth enough for a comfortable grip
  • Buying each brush separately is a better idea, so you will pay for what you will really use

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