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Eye makeup FAQs

Q. Is it best to use eyelash curlers, and if so, how?

A. While they may look more like instruments of torture than aids to beautification, eyelash curlers are a must. A quick squeeze before you apply your mascara and you’re halfway to longer looking, eye catching lashes.

Eye Makeup

To make your eyelashes stay curled for longer, squeeze for a count of 30 seconds. Try it, and you’ll see it really works.

Q. How is it best to remove mascara?

A. Soak two cotton-wool pads or balls in eye makeup remover. Hold the pads over each eye for a few seconds to start shifting the mascara; then gently stroke them in towards the nose and down from the brow. There are several cleansers on the market which are gentle enough to remove eye and face makeup.

Q. What is the lifespan of mascara once it has been opened?

A. Three months is the maximum according to Clinique.

Q. Is a time limit a valid safety precaution against eye infection or purely a clever marketing ploy to make us buy more mascara?

A. Most products do and should contain preservatives which protect against bacterial infection, so as long as the mascara is still usable, there is no need to discard it.

However, a three month deadline on opened mascara is a wise idea. After all, eye ointments and eye drops normally have a recommended shelf life once they’ve been opened.

Q. What if my mascara clogs up or goes clumpy?

A. Try applying less. Too many coats make your lashes stick together. Comb your lashes through. Apply one coat, wait for a few minutes and then comb through to separate the lashes. Now stroke on a second coat.

Q. Which would suit me better – black or brown?

A. As a general rule, black works on everyone. For a softer look, if you are fair, go for brown. In terms of fashion, brown mascara also compliments the sheer, natural look of the season.

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