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Techniques for shaving your legs

When it comes to shaving legs we think women are the only ones who shave their legs. This isn’t necessarily true. Time and again men have also shaved their legs mostly involving athletes, cyclists, body builders, marathon racers etc. Women shave their legs to look more feminist, to show their figure, look sexy or simply for hygienic purposes. Some look for alternative options such as waxing, bleaching, epilators or using hair removal creams instead of using razor blades. The truth is there is nothing better and convenient than shaving your legs provided you know how to shave them.

Tips for legs shaving

When shaving your legs, the first and foremost thing you require is a good quality razor blade. Gillette offers a wide range of blades for both men and women to ease shaving and bring comfort. Once you choose your razor blade or barberblade, go and take a warm shower. A warm shower helps open pores which enable the razor to go deep near the hair root giving a smooth look. This also ensures the hair won’t grow back quickly.

Once your skin is ready to be shaved, apply a good quality shaving cream on your entire legs. Prefer to use a shaving cream instead of soap lather or shampoo lather which can leave your skin dry and damaged. Shaving creams and gels are formulated specifically to shave, and the lather produced is thicker than soap and it sticks on the skin protecting it against any razor burns or bumps and giving a smooth and glossy final look once shaved. If you are shaving against your hair growth, make sure you are using a good shaving cream for effective results.

Position yourself well when it is time to use the razor on the skin. Mostly people sit on the edge of the bath to shave the lower leg. In order to shave the upper leg you need to be in a standing position and may have to tilt your upper body accordingly to shave the back of your leg. If you have a lot of body mass on your thighs you may need to stand in front of the mirror to cover the entire area.

Once done, jump back in luke warm shower and rinse the area well. You can also have a cold shower to close the pores. Apply antiseptic cream or liquid if you have bruised or cut your skin from anywhere. You can also apply aftershave creams, gels, oils or lotions which are widely available in the market giving you maximum comfort, smoothing your skin and giving a nice finish.

If you have very long hair that require shaving cut them with the help of scissors or trimming machine. Hair gets clogged in the razor blade at time of shaving and for excellent results they need to be in a shave-able size. For legs you can afford to shave in one straight go, however make sure you shave lightly and do not rush it. Shaving varies from person to person. Some prefer to shave only in summers where as some shave all year round.

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