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Extended Wear Contact Lenses Guide

Extended wear contact lenses are for those people who would like to wake up each day with clear vision. Two different types of contact lenses are basically available which include the daily wear and extended wear; daily wear being the ones which have to be removed before sleeping and extended wear being the ones which can be left overnight.

Contact Lenses

If you’re one who’s opted for the convenience of extended-wear contact lenses, you need to be aware of their guidelines for use. Most extended wear contact lenses are FDA-approved, but still you need to follow some guidelines when wearing them.

The problems of extended wear contact lenses

Results of the Harvard Medical School study have indicated that extended- wear lens users have a two to four times greater risk than daily lens users of contracting ulcerative keratitis — an infected ulcer or sore that develops on the cornea and can destroy vision. By depriving the eye of oxygen, which can cause the surface tissue to break down, extended -wear lenses make the cornea more susceptible to infection.

Preventing eye infections

No matter what type of contact lenses you wear, knowing when to remove them is the key to preventing eye infections. The most important step is to remove a lens immediately if the eye becomes red and irritated. If the problem persists after rinsing and reinserting the lenses, remove them and seek immediate professional care.

Paying proper attention to your lenses and lens case is also important. When caring for any type of contact lens we suggest you take these steps:

  • Wash hands prior to handling lenses.
  • Disinfect daily-wear lenses each day and extended-wear lenses when removed for cleaning.
  • Do not use salt tablets, distilled water or a homemade solution.
  • Wash contact-lens case at least once a week, and allow to dry in the air after each use.
  • Wear lenses only for the prescribed time period, and have them checked regularly (every three to six months for extended- wear lenses; once a year for soft-wear daily-use lenses and for hard contact lenses).

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