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Tips to choose Hair Styling Tools and Equipment

Your hair needs the best care, and require you to buy the best hair styling tools and items for your hair. Here are some tips to help you choose good hair styling tools and equipment.

Hair Styling


Hairdryers are available from 500 to 1000 watts; the more powerful the hair-dryer, the bigger the heat output. Professional blow drying requires power from a 1000-watt hairdryer. It is easier to style with a powerful hairdryer but one must take care to handle the techniques of blow drying correctly. To choose a good hairdryer, ensure that there is an optional heat choice with a powerful but controllable air flow.

Choosing a Hair Brush

To control hair correctly, use a suitable type of brush. Use a brush with nylon bristles with rounded ends set into a flexible rubber pad. This will prevent damage to the hair, providing, a gentle curve to encourage natural movement when blow drying. The standard common size brush is the 9 Row size, which is suitable for turn-under or brush- back movements for a style shape.

The 5 and 7 Rows sizes are used for drying shorter layered hair. The large diameter radial is used to flick the hair in turn-under movements. The medium round brush is for dressing crown hair to create volume or height, and over-lapping flicks for soft brush-backs. The small round brush can be used to create curls for long and short layered hair.

Hair Accessories

The choice has never been wider. Take advantage of the many different effects you can achieve with combs, flower ornaments, beads, hair- bands, braids and slides. Do not be afraid to experiment. Even short hair can be made to look extra special with an additional pretty slide. Long hair can be knotted, plaited, pinned or tied. Buns or chignons look elegant too.

Hair Styling Methods

Once you have the right tools and equipment to style your hair, you can use different methods to do that. Some of the common hair styling methods include:


Blow drying is a method of temporary waving produced by a brush using heated air from a hairdryer. This method creates softer, natural free movements for the hair.

Before you start to blow dry your hair, a shampoo on the hair is a must. Conditioning after shampoo is very important to avoid tangles. It also gives extra shine and bounce to the finished style. Using a blow dry lotion is even better to protect hair against excessive dryer heat. This way the hair style tends to stay in shape for a longer period.

Section hair and blow according to the style of hair. There are many blow dry techniques: Turn-under, brush-back, curl-up, flick back and roll back curls. To style hair, first you must invest in some sectioning clips.

Using a selected hair brush and a good hairdryer, dry sectioned hair ensuring that the heat is not concentrated directly on the hair for too long. Keep the dryer moving over the brush. A small radial styling brush can be used for a tight curl and a larger one for a wavy or straight style.

Finger Drying

Comb your hair into the desired style. Use the hairdryer about six inches from the hair. Blow sections of the hair roots first, using the fingers to shake off excess water. Follow through to the ends of the hair for extra volume.


Mousse can be used on any type of hair. Mousse is used to create height and volume texture. Mousse is most effective when applied to almost dry hair. Equal amounts of mousse should be applied evenly throughout the hair and then massaged thoroughly into the hair. Maximum volume will be achieved if the root section of the hair is lifted upwards while blow drying.

Wet Gels

Hair gels are mostly used for slicked styles. They can also be used for fast drying without losing the ‘wet’ look. Wet gels hold hair in place. Hair gels are non-greasy and hair can be easily brushed out and washed off.

Hair Spray

Hair spray holds the style place. It is indispensable for a long lasting look of hair in place – a neat style. Spray for a good distribution. Look for a hairspray that is easy drying, non-sticky and humidity resistant. A good hair- spray enables easy brushing out and restyling.

Hair Treatments and Massage

Use a hair tonic and massage into hair with the balls of the fingers using the cushions of the palms. Use rotating sliding movements. This treatment improves blood circulation, maintains hair health and encourages hair growth.

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