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Tips for Choosing a Hair Style

Choosing the perfect hairstyle is one of the most difficult things to do for most women. Your hair cut can make a drastic difference in the way you look. Some women may choose to go for a hair style because it looked good on someone else. However, you have to decide what suits you the best when choosing a hair style. It is important to know your facial features before you decide on a particular hair style.

Hair Styles

Long Faces – Choose a style with plenty of width and not much height. A fringe can give the effect of ‘shortening’ the face and softening the features. Try to avoid a short hairstyle.

Round Faces – A hairstyle with height and volume on the top will be suitable. This creates less emphasis at the sides. A middle or side parting is best, to decrease the size of the cheeks and hide the chubby face.

Square Face – For a short hairstyle, have more height above the temples. Wear your hair flat and close to the cheeks if you decide on a long hairdo. Basically, wear styles that “break” the line of the forehead, cheeks and jaw line.

Heartshape Faces – Wear your style with volume at the fullest part of the cheeks. A short style is recommended. Try to avoid long hair.

A good hairstyle depends mostly on a good cut. The texture of your hair determines the suitability of a particular hair style. Texture refers to the diameter of each individual hair, the degree of opening or closeness, harsh or soft, wiry or silky, coarse or fine. To make an analysis, one must check several strands of hair from different areas of the head. In almost every case, at the nape area, hair will likely be fine, and hair above the nape will be coarse.

There may be more than one texture of hair on one head. Texture of the hair is not thickness of the hair. Texture along with elasticity helps to determine the cut, or perm technique of a hairstyle.

Hair Cut and Trimming Techniques

Weave-cutting – For speed and accuracy, hair is trimmed with weave-cutting scissors. Spikes and shorter strands of hair created by this method of cutting will support the longer strands for a fuller and ruffled look. A section of hair is cut with weave-design cutting scissors to remove short effect.

Triangular Perm – Hair is sectioned at half inch intervals and wound with triangular rods to achieve zig zag movement throughout the length of the hair. This method of perming creates a unique volume and prominent strong wave like style, quite different from the traditional curly perm.

Fashion Hair Colour

There are various ways to colour your hair. Tint and highlight using bleach. Hair is tinted and bleach is combed over hair with coloured tint.

Colour bending – Sections of hair are tinted different tones or depths to give either a strong contrast in colour or soft blending of colour tones.

Tiger stripes – Bands of hair colour are used on the surface of the hair. Tape is used to cover the hair that is not to be coloured.

Foil highlights – Hair is parted into sections. Tiny strands of hair to be highlighted are carefully woven out and the foil placed underneath. Colour is applied evenly, leaving only a tiny area near the root free to allow for colour expansion. The flap of the foil is then folded over the hair and colour to prevent slipping. The foil is then folded again along a predetermined line and folded again. The sides of the foil are turned inwards to form a sealed ‘packet’.

To use direct colour – Shampoo hair and towel dry thoroughly. Apply colour evenly to hair, starting at the crown and finishing at the front of the hairline. Add warm water and massage well. Use a mild shampoo and rinse hair thoroughly after shampoo. Take care to use a shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair. This will enhance the colour and strength of the hair.

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