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Hair Problems and Treatments

If you are facing a hair problem, you need to find a cure for the problem. This blog post discusses some of the most common hair problems faced by women and their treatments.

Hair Problems

Dry Hair

If your hair tangles easily, flies out of control or is rough to touch, then it is likely to be too dry. Exposure to the sun or water and excessive drying with the hairdryer can dry hair. Washing hair with harsh shampoos, too much tinting, bleaching or perm also contributes to the problem.

Use a mild shampoo every three to five days. Condition with a cream conditioner and be sure to comb through to the ends of the hair. Always comb hair gently when wet, never brush hard at it. When drying your hair, be sure to keep the hairdryer least 10 inches away. Protect the hair from the dryer’s heat, and never keep the hairdryer at one section of hair for too long.

Oily Hair

Oily hair is a common problem amongst teenagers when the body’s hormones are in the process of settling down. It can also be caused by over active sebaceous glands which produce oil beneath the surface of the scalp. This condition can also be aggravated by too much brushing or combing, or failing to rinse hair properly after shampooing.

Wash your hair with a shampoo for oily hair as often as possible. Shampoo lightly and do not massage, scalp as this will stimulate the oil glands. Remember not to brush or comb your hair too often.


Dandruff can be caused by a number of reasons. The flaky deposits that you sometimes find on collars or shoulders are just probably dry scalp. Over-shampooing and washing with a harsh shampoo can result in dry flaky scalp. Dandruff is more difficult. Symptoms may be greasy, yellow or greyish flakes that appear on the scalp making the scalp itchy and irritated.

Poor health or a diet of excessive carbohydrates and insufficient intake of protein and vitamins can also aggravate the problem.

Anti-dandruff treatments include using a medicated shampoo with a penetrated action to cleanse the scalp of infection. Keep hair as clean as possible and do not use lotions or shampoos containing alcohol or lacquer.

Damaged Over-Permed Hair

Damaged and over-permed hair appears ruffled, dry and is difficult to manage. Hair loses its elasticity and it takes a great deal of effort to encourage hair into style. Split ends which sometimes appear with this problem, are caused by chemical treatments and the over-use of heated rollers. Damaged, out of control hair can also be a result of excessive perming, colouring, straightening or over-blowing hair.

Over-damaged hair cannot be repaired. Perhaps you should contemplate trimming off the dry split ends. Transform dry and damaged hair to a healthy condition with a treatment prescribed by your hairdresser. Shampoo with the treatment shampoo and condition your hair, leaving at least a good five minutes for the conditioner to set in. Rinse well. A treatment conditioner that contains valuable vitamin complexes penetrates into the hair structure to give more body and plenty of bounce.

If you have to blow dry your hair, be sure to use a blow-dry lotion. This will help curb further damage to the hair.

In tomorrows post, we’ll give you tips on choosing a hair style which suits your face, and the techniques used in hair cutting.

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