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It’s time you had a serious ‘hair to hair’ talk. Nothing is more important than a well-maintained, healthy looking crop of hair. After all, it is your crowning glory. And looking good is not a matter of just dressing well and putting on the latest colour on your face. Good looks have gone to the hair as well. Before you visit your hairdresser for the new look, let’s take a closer look at some very important points. After all, you must consider the decision of a change in hairdo very carefully. So take a few hints from the experts.

Hair Structure

Understanding Hair Structure

The basic condition of human hair is continuous proof of the physical well-being of a person. Analyze the biological aspect of a single strand of hair and you will understand its complexity and strength, and what makes it more, or less, beautiful.

The bulk of a hair fibre is made up of 95 per cent Keratin, a natural protein substance contained in the cortex or the inner ‘tubing’ of the hair. The cortex section determines the colour, elasticity, flexibility and overall ‘stamina’ of the hair. The cortex is protected by the cuticle, which is made up of hard, translucent Keratin scales. Coupled with natural scalp oils, this contributes to the shine of healthy hair. The medulla or inner core of the hair is an irregular sponge-like ‘marrow’ of the hair. Together with the cuticle and cortex they form a direct link with the living root that lies embedded in the hair follicle within the scalp.

As hair grows, its strength and structure is determined by the root level, absorbing the necessary nutrients from the bloodstream. Beautiful hair depends on the rate of growth and fundamental condition on the upkeep of necessary nutrients received by the root.

On the average, hair grows between ½ to ¾ inches a month. Each hair has its own inbuilt lifespan, ceasing to grow after it has reached certain length. It is natural to lose up to 100 hairs a day, but you are not likely to notice this as new growth is continually under way. Hair growth may vary from time to time.

Stress, emotional shock illness, hormonal changes and eating an unbalanced diet can impair the circulation, slow down cell metabolism and starve both the hair the scalp of essential nutrients.

Stay tuned for Hair Problems and their Treatments in tomorrow’s blog post! Also be sure to check out our post for Hair Care and Styling Tools and Equipment.

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