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Women’s robes come in different styles and colors

Silk Robe

Robes have always been a favourite dress for women whether they are lazing around the house or having a relaxed time at the spa. Women’s robes come in a variety of different styles and colors. Prepared from a variety of different materials including cotton, silk, polyester and more, these robes offer style and comfort.

Women need robes for a variety of different purposes. All robes have a sash around the waist which can be easily knotted loose or tight. Modern robes are zipped front with kangaroo pockets and a hoodie as well. There are different types of robes worn by women and when you go out for shopping, you can choose one that suits your needs.

Silk Robes
Silk robes are worn by women all over the globe especially at night as overnight gowns or pajama suits. Silk gowns are famous for their comfort ability and are very light to carry. These gowns are best when worn on dry skin. Satin and silk do not have absorbing qualities and hence should not be worn right after a shower unless the body is dried first. Women silk robes come in a variety of colours and sizes. Some are ankle long whereas others end on your thighs. Silk robes cling to the body and show a better figure compared to thick materials such as terry cloth, chenille fabrics or velour.

Bath Robes
Women’s bath robes are usually made from towel material which is highly absorbent and can be worn immediately when you get out of the shower. These robes have varied thickness. Thick robes are cozier to wear in winters giving a very comfortable and easy feeling. Keeping in mind a woman’s needs, women robes come with and without pockets. People who prefer personalized items, can have personalized robes with names written on them in their favorite font.

Cotton Bathrobe

Cotton Robes
Women cotton robes are light weight and can be worn both at night or used as a bath robe. Like formal dresses, robes are also designed in different styles and offer a vast variety to choose from. Long robes for women are easily available as are the knee length robes or those shorter. Mostly available in full sleeves, you can even buy robes with generously cut sleeves to make them more comfortable to be in.

Whether you are looking for a luxury spa robe, satin and silk robe or are thinking of buying inexpensive cotton waffle robes for bulk purchase for a hotel or spa, you will find just the right one for you. Be sure to consider the construction and size of robe when purchasing one. Features such as collars, cuffs, and side pockets will give you added comfort and style.

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