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Colours and You

Your favourite colours are not necessarily the ones that suit you best. The right colours for you are influenced by your skin, eyes and hair and also by your seasonal type spring, summer, autumn or winter. Your season is the range of colours which enhances your looks most. The majority of us fall largely into one of these four types, but you can also take shades from the nearest similar season. In fact you can wear almost any colour. It is the intensity of shade and where you wear it that counts.

Colours and You

Spring shades
are delicate, clear and bright with yellow tones, summer colours are cool and soft sometimes with blue tones, autumn shades are strong and warm, with orange and gold tones, and winter colours are vivid, clear and intense sometimes with icy blue tones.

The colour you wear close to your face and neck is the most important. It can diminish lines, camouflage circles under the eyes and make you look fit and healthy. On the other hand, the wrong colour can make you look sallow, add years and reflect your bad points!

With the help of our guide and seasonal colour palette find the colours which are best for you. Hold remnants of plain coloured fabric or scarves in the shades you feel are right for you next to your face, around your neck or over your shoulder. Don’t discount red if one particular shade doesn’t suit you.

Try it in another tone; remember there is a whole range to choose from! Likewise white rather than cream may suit some skin tones although at first glance there appears to be very little difference between them.

Carry out the colour test in natural daylight and wear something plain white. Look at your face and skin to judge the effect and not at the colour you’re holding up. Once you’ve discovered which colours are best for you, cut out small swatches of fabric or paper in those shades and take them along with you when you shop for clothes. They will help you to make the right decisions and save a lot of expensive mistakes.

Spring Colours

Choose clear, warm colours, ranging from delicate to bright, with yellow tones clear, bright corals, peach, salmon, orange and red, violets, light misty navy, aqua, true blue and golden yellow are good. Avoid black, dark and muted colours and any with blue undertones.

Summer Colours

Opt for soft, cool colours with a hint of blue, such as blue pink rather than coral. Lavender, plum, pastel greens and grey blue will be ideal for summer types who often have light brown or henna dyed hair. Think of softness rather than sharp contrast. Avoid black except in small doses, as in accessories.

Autumn Colours

Warm clothes with shades of gold suit you. Many autumn types have brown eyes. Rich browns, oranges, mustards, bronze and olive greens are also for you. Avoid black, navy and shades with a hint of blue. Make sure that any paler shades have depth and are not too pale.

Winter Colours

Choose vivid colours with depth and intensity. Winter types look good in black and white, rich pinks, emeralds, true reds, strong blues and icy shades with blue tones. Navy bright burgundy, purple and lemon look good. Avoid powdery shades. Go for silver grey and taupe instead.

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