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May 26, 2010

What men want in women

When it comes to attraction between men and women, there are a lot of factors that come under consideration. There are, of course, the obvious things that attract men to women, not to forget the natural attraction which mother nature has placed between the two. Other than this natural attraction, there are other things and we all know what those things are. They get glamorized in popular culture and projected in media and society. Untold millions and countless hours are spent attending to these attributes, transforming cosmetics and figure-shaping into enormous global industries.

These factors don’t just stop with make-up, diet and exercise. The limits of looking good are being ruthlessly pushed farther and farther, where people, especially women are ready to go to lengths for the sake of vanity. Today, botox for wrinkles, nip-and-tuck for sagging skin, liposuction for unseemly fat, and surgical implants for the desired curves, can provide incredible makeovers for the right price.

In modern days, the beauty industry has come a long way. Women in particular are quite willing to be bizarre to be beautiful. Treatments like ‘goldfish pedicures’, ’24-carat gold facials’ are becoming popular in the Far East and Japan, and they are not easy on the pocket either. In this grand, sprawling shrine to the modern pursuit of beauty, the essence of what makes women attractive is being lost. After all, as any man knows, what makes women attractive can often be something very subtle. Here are some of the things men look for in women when they look for beauty and style.

Hair – Apparently, hair is a key variable in the attraction calculus. What matters is not so much the particular cut or length, nor even embellishments such as bangs, streaks, or curls, but how the hair complements the persona. A style that looks good on one can often produce a startling effect on another. Even colour and shine can be unnecessary.

HairSome women carry off dull gray hair with such grace that you know right away how dark and lustrous hair on the same person would be jarring. A woman who successfully matches her hair to her appearance and personality makes an important statement about her own confidence and intelligence.

Style is also another important variable which acts as a clear make-or-break component. A particular hair style can make you stand out, while another one may not. With hair, the style has to match the persona.

Contemplation, confidence, calmness, and spirituality are also some of the other qualities admired by men. For some men, haughtiness may even carry weight, while for others arrogance can be a turn-on too.

Some of the other and predictable features which some men look for include smile, dress, shoes etc, and some men even look at nails, wrists, feet, nose and chin for attractiveness in women! However, despite this, there is no one female feature that can be considered universally appealing. A lot of it has to do with how the various items – manner, apparel, personality and physical features – come together to craft an attractive whole.

Men also share their dislikes as well, top of the list being moodiness, over-processed hair, mumbling speech, and the uncanny ability to ignore everything around you (a.k.a ‘the silent treatment’).

The true answer to what men want, can never be given clearly, as it is a question which women have been trying to answer for ages. Some men may be looking for a fun and exciting female companion, while others may be looking for great sex. Hot and passionate sex is a big turn-on for some men, who want frequent and consistent sex from their women. This helps in building emotional intimacy and bonding between the two. Others prefer a female companion who cooks for him and shares her meals with him.

The great paradox of gender relations is that you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. The dilemma is that women hate being the object of male attention, and they also hate not being the object of male attention. You would think this traps women in a predicament, but in fact the joke is on the men because no matter what we do, we just can’t win.

Beauty however, lies in the eye of the beholder, and so every mans taste differs from the other. For some men, a fair complexion vs. a dark one may be non-negotiable, but for others blond hair and blue eyes may be negotiable.

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