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July 10, 2010

Redefining Eyes – How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

When it comes to applying eye makeup, liquid liner should be applied before anything else. This way, if you have to start all over, you won’t ruin the rest of your makeup. Some women find it tricky to apply liquid eyeliner correctly, but all you need is some practice to get it correct.

How to apply eyeliner

The way you apply your eyeliner can make you look stunning or just clumsy. Therefore, it is important that you perfect your skills by applying eyeliner a few times to practice. Here are some tips to help you apply liquid eyeliner.

  1. Test for colour, intensity and sharpness of line by applying liner to the back of your hand.
  2. Close your eyes and pull your eyelid taut with your fingertip.
  3. Starting at the inner corner of your upper lid, pull the eyeliner brush in a straight, even line as close to your lashes as possible.
  4. For the lower lid, turn the brush vertically to get beneath the lashes and apply liner very carefully.
  5. If needed, use your pointed cotton swabs slightly dipped in eye makeup remover for shaping and perfecting the line.

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June 29, 2010

How to choose the right Make up Tools

Makeup is not just strokes of colour or a splash of glimmer; it’s a fresh impression of beauty, which relies on perfect application. For applying it perfectly and to make it impressive you need to acquire the right technique and the correct tools.

Professional Makeup Brushes

Here we have picked some essential makeup brushes for that smooth and flawless finish.

Just the right brush

Makeup brushes can make all the difference in how your makeup goes on and how it looks after you apply it, so the right tools are very important to get the right look. Your compacts might have a brush with it, retain it for final touch-ups but for a perfect blended makeup, keep a good set of make-up brushes on your cosmetic rack. A good brush kit should have these brushes. Each brush is made for a specific task and helps you do your makeup quickly and easily.

Powder Brush – A powder brush is an essential brush for dusting loose powder all over the face and for blending makeup. Wide and fluffy, the brush is the largest of the group.

Blusher Brush – This brush is round-shaped with soft and medium-full bristles, tapered at the sides to allow more control when blending. It blends powder evenly over the cheeks without streaks.

Lip Brush – A lip brush is flat and slightly tapered that will glide around the mouth’s curves and place colour precisely. This brush should be chosen according to the shape of the mouth. A pointy brush can define thin lips while a flat square-head brush is good for a fuller mouth. Lip brush is essential for applying deep-toned lipsticks and mixing one or more lipstick shades.

Eye Shader & Brushes – For eyes, different brushes can be used for applying and blending. A wide square-tipped flat brush is used for sweeping on neutral shades from the lashes up to the brow. A smaller liner brush will apply shadow under the low lashes. A pen like brush with long narrow bristles can be used on the brows.

Eyeliner Brush – This is a thin, flat brush that will place and blend colour near the lash line.

Eyelash Separator – The eyelash separator is commonly found combined with an eyebrow brush. The comb separates dumps and other mascara blunders and helps keep the lashes look natural and soft.

Buying tips

When choosing your brushes, these points should be kept in mind:

  • Choose natural-hair bristle brush that feels smooth and soft. Reject any brush that sheds or has a splayed, messy head
  • Test bristles on your skin to see whether they are firm enough to place colour with precision
  • Make sure that the handles are rounded and smooth enough for a comfortable grip
  • Buying each brush separately is a better idea, so you will pay for what you will really use
June 27, 2010

Using concealers and foundations

Concealers and foundations help hide blemishes to give your skin an even tone to apply makeup. A foundation is specifically used to give an even and uniform complexion to the face and is also known as body paint. It is a flesh-toned cosmetic, as it directly applied to the skin, so you can choose one which matches your complexion.



A number of foundations are available today, which include oil based, alcohol based, powder based, and water based ones. They also provide different coverage, which refers to the opacity of the makeup, and how much it will conceal the skin, such as being sheer, light, medium or full. Pan-Cake foundation is most popular, which was originally developed for use in films on actors.

How to choose the right colour foundation

  1. Test it on your cheek or jaw line, not on your neck or hand.
  2. Choose three or four suitable colors. Apply them in stripes on bare, cleansed skin. The one that is most invisible is the best color match.
  3. Check the color in the daylight. The artificial lighting in stores can be very deceiving.


A concealer, also known as a color corrector is a type of makeup used to hide or mask pimples, dark circles around the eyes, scars, dark spots, spider veins, freckles, birth marks or any other visible blemishes on the skin. Like foundations, concealers are also available in a variety of shades and colors so you can choose the one which matches your skin tone. However, they are usually denser than a foundation and are available in different forms including liquid, stick, cream and matte.

Using a concealer

Unless your skin is flawless, you’ll need to use a concealer from time to time. Select a shade lighter than your foundation and apply it afterward with a fine, sable brush or with your finger. Do it around your eyes and on any blemishes and blend it.

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June 25, 2010

Eye makeup FAQs

Q. Is it best to use eyelash curlers, and if so, how?

A. While they may look more like instruments of torture than aids to beautification, eyelash curlers are a must. A quick squeeze before you apply your mascara and you’re halfway to longer looking, eye catching lashes.

Eye Makeup

To make your eyelashes stay curled for longer, squeeze for a count of 30 seconds. Try it, and you’ll see it really works.

Q. How is it best to remove mascara?

A. Soak two cotton-wool pads or balls in eye makeup remover. Hold the pads over each eye for a few seconds to start shifting the mascara; then gently stroke them in towards the nose and down from the brow. There are several cleansers on the market which are gentle enough to remove eye and face makeup.

Q. What is the lifespan of mascara once it has been opened?

A. Three months is the maximum according to Clinique.

Q. Is a time limit a valid safety precaution against eye infection or purely a clever marketing ploy to make us buy more mascara?

A. Most products do and should contain preservatives which protect against bacterial infection, so as long as the mascara is still usable, there is no need to discard it.

However, a three month deadline on opened mascara is a wise idea. After all, eye ointments and eye drops normally have a recommended shelf life once they’ve been opened.

Q. What if my mascara clogs up or goes clumpy?

A. Try applying less. Too many coats make your lashes stick together. Comb your lashes through. Apply one coat, wait for a few minutes and then comb through to separate the lashes. Now stroke on a second coat.

Q. Which would suit me better – black or brown?

A. As a general rule, black works on everyone. For a softer look, if you are fair, go for brown. In terms of fashion, brown mascara also compliments the sheer, natural look of the season.

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June 24, 2010

Make up tips for Eye Pencils

Eye pencils are one of the few beauty products that can be kept around for a long time without any risk that they’ll change color or spoil, unlike mascara which can form bacterial growth after you’ve used it for several months. Although eye pencils are one of the most easy makeup items to use, some tips can help you use them better. Read on for tips on using eye pencils.

Eye Pencils

Coloured pencils

When choosing a few basic pencils, start with shades that compliment your hair color.

Eyebrows: blond to light
Eyeliner: dark brown
Lips: brownish red

Honey Blonde/Blonde
Eyebrows: light brown
Eyeliner: dark brown or black
Lips: beigy pink

Eyebrows: dark brown
Eyeliner: dark brown or black
Lips: dark, reddish brown

Eyebrows: light brown or light brown with a hint of red
Eyeliner: grey
Lips: burnt red

Sharpening your skills

Making a good point can be difficult, especially if you’re using the wrong tool or poor technique. Read on for vital tips to help you sharpen your skills.

  • If the point of the pencil breaks off while you’re sharpening, it means the pencil is too soft. Put it in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight before sharpening so it’ll be harder and less likely to break.
  • To sharpen, twist pencil firmly and quickly, just two times around. Check and then give another twist or two if needed. The tip may break if you over-sharpen.
  • Wipe the blade and the inside of the sharpener with a cotton swab.
  • Tissue off any shavings left on just-sharpened pencil tips before using.
  • Secret for wide eyes

    Here is a trick to widen and waken small or tired eyes:

    Line the inside of your lower lid with a white eye pencil.

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    May 29, 2010

    Tips on how to apply mascara

    It is hard to believe that most of us do not know how to apply makeup mascara properly. However, these simple tips can teach you the secrets of applying eyes mascara properly. Whether you have short or long lashes, by following these easy steps, you can get full and thick lashes just the way professional artists do.

    Choose your Mascara Brand

    Cosmetic malls and drugstores display an array of make up mascara varieties, including long and thick mascara and even waterproof formulas. However, the only important thing to keep in mind when choosing your eye mascara is that you pick one which is black which adds definition to your lashes. However, if you are a blonde, you should opt for brown mascara for day time and use black at night.

    Apply eye makeup first

    If you plan to use eye makeup like an eye liner, eye pencil or eye shadow, apply that first. Mascara is the last thing you should apply to your eyes.

    Use a curler

    Always use a curler before applying mascara. Place the curler as close to the lashline as possible without pinching your eye lid. Make sure to walk the curler down your lashes as you work so your lashes do not get a harsh bend.

    Eyelashes Mascara

    Using your Wand

    Start by applying the wand to the base of your outer lashes. First apply it on the top lashes and then start coating the lower end. Move the wand gently up to the tip of the lashes. Repeat the process moving towards the middle and inner lashes.

    Make sure you move quickly and apply at least two coats before letting the mascara dry out. This will prevent any clumps from forming and will give you super thick lashes. For those of you who have thick and long lashes, one coat will be enough, but for those of you with thin and short lashes, you will need to go for a second coat.

    Volumizing mascaras are best suited for thin and short lashes as they contain microfibers to add thickness to the lashes. Lengthening formulas are also popular among women with short lashes as they contain polymers which help to extend the lashes past the natural tips. Applying one thin layer is enough and works great.
    The trick of mixing mascaras is also used by makeup artists to make the lashes look really heavy. They use one coat of lengthening mascara, followed by one coat of thickening mascara to give beautiful and sexy eyes.

    Add the finishing touches

    Finish applying mascara with one coat on your bottom lashes, but if you have very short lashes, then you can skip the bottom lash. Applying mascara to the bottom lashes really opens your eyes, giving them a big rounded look.

    If you feel that the mascara has caused clumps on your lashes, gently use a mascara comb or a mascara brush to remove the clumps. If you don’t have a mascara comb, you can use your fingernails to remove any bags of mascara that may have collected on the tips of your lashes.

    Use these mascara application instructions to get beautiful and lively eyes. Try them out a couple of times and you will be an expert at applying mascara soon.

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