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May 29, 2010

Give your feet a treat – Benefits of Foot Massage

Blood circulation to the feet is extremely important, and what better way to circulate the blood flow to your feet than a foot massage! A foot massage stimulates blood circulation and the rolling and kneading actions used by foot massage therapists provide relief to the tired muscles of the feet and also relax the whole body.

Why you may need a foot massage?

Everyday, we spend a lot of time standing, running, walking and lifting things, and our feet support us in all our activities. They can become stifled by being trapped in socks and shoes all day long, which not only causes restricted air contact but can also restrict blood circulation to the feet. So be kind to your feet and give them a foot rub or an occasional massage and pamper yourself.

Should you use a foot massage machine?

Foot massage machines have started becoming a lot popular recently, but nothing can be as good as the human touch from a massage therapist. Even if you do not decide to go to a therapist, you can massage your own feet or ask your partner to give you one. There are a lot of foot massage videos available online which you can view to try and foot massage yourself.

Feet Massage

Exercise your toes

Curling your toes and moving them around, simulating the action of picking up something with your feet helps a lot in strengthening the muscles and also provides relief to aching feet. Doing this exercise for ten minutes daily or every other day is a good idea. Rotating your feet from the ankles while massaging also gives an overall sense of relaxation and well-being.

Prepare for your foot massage

If your partner is willing to give you a foot massage, then you can relax by reclining against the sofa or bed, while your partner prepares for the massage. This way your whole body will be at ease, and you will feel really great. You can also get comfortable in a chair with your feet propped up on a stool or another chair.

Protect the clothing or furniture item you are sitting on with a towel or two and use a massage oil or lotion to rub on your feet. The lotion or massage oil should be creamed together in the hands vigorously to warm them before beginning the foot massage. Here are the 6 basic steps which are an important part of any foot massage:

Stroking – A foot massage should start with long, slow but firm strokes, starting at the tips of the toes and sliding back away, all the way to the ankle. This step should be repeated several times to give a relaxing start.

Ankle Rotations – After stroking, ankle rotations help loosen the joins and help relax the feet. The foot should be grasped firmly and the foot should be rotated slowly at the ankle a couple of times in each direction, without causing any pain. These rotations are particularly useful for patients suffering from arthritis as they reduce any stiffness in the feet and legs.

Toe pulls and squeezes – Toes are very sensitive to the touch and massaging them can be very relaxing. Starting with the base of every toe, gently squeeze and roll every toe using your thumb and index finger, working all the way up to the tip of the toe and then back to the base. This step should be repeated two to three times on every toe.

Toe slides – Similar to the toe pulls, toe slides should be repeated four to five times by inserting the index finger gently between the toes. The foot should be grasped firmly behind the ankle.

Arch Press – The Arch Press releases tension in the inner and outer longitudinal arches of the feet. The foot should be help firmly at the heel with one hand and the other hand should be used to slide along the arch. The press should start from the ball of the foot, moving towards the heel and then back again.

Stroking – Once you are done with all the above steps, you can go back to repeat the stroking step as it is a good way to finish off a foot massage.

After the massage, dry your feet thoroughly and apply baby power if you want. Many people find foot massages to be more soothing than a full body massage, so give it a try and the next time you’ll be looking for a foot spa near you!

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July 20, 2006

Hurting Heels

Hurting HeelsPain in the heel is usually a result of repetitive stress of tissue where it attaches to the heel bone. To heal your heel pain, stretch your feet at least eight times a day. Take your shoes off and face a wall. Placing your hands against the wall for support, lunge with the right leg bent at the knee and the left leg right behind you. Step back only as far as you can while still keeping the entire left foot, including the heel, flat on the floor. Repeat with your left leg in front and right leg behind. This stretch will loosen up your call muscles and reduce tightness in the muscles leading to the foot.

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