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February 24, 2013

Great ideas on how to look trendy in your 20s

Looking good and trendy makes you feel great and confident. When you are satisfied with your looks, then surely you can go out and walk with confidence. At young age, both genders know how to dress up and look good without getting advice from any other person but here are some tips that can help you look more attractive in your twenties.

Make your own personal and unique style
Try different and unique styles because at a young age, there is a freedom and eagerness to try different styles and looks. Select a unique look and make a style your personal one in which you feel confident.
Trendy Twenties
Play with colors
Try different colors in makeup by applying on the lips and eyes. You can apply lip liner of dark shades on the lining of the lips and apply a lipstick of light shade inside it to give your face a unique look. Eye shades contribute a lot in changing the looks and in twenties, you can try riskier looks, so try every shade. Avoid using black eyeliner because it is very common.

Wear perfect sized clothes
Wear the clothes of your perfect size that fit you because in twenties lose clothes don’t suit and give a bad look.

Take care of your hair
Always take extra care of your hair as it plays an important role in making a person look good. Don’t use bad shampoos and conditioners as these products damage your hair. Avoid using the hair straighter and hair dryer. Grow your hair long so that you can make different hair styles when going to parties to look trendy.

Don’t forget to brush your teeth everyday
Brush your teeth every day because it is very important as it decreases the decay rate and prevents gum disease. Don’t think that it is very late to start brushing teeth daily but make it your habit. Teeth also contribute in giving a good look to a person therefore, give special attention to your teeth before they become a reason of embarrassment for you.

Cleanse your skin and keep it moisturized
Even though the skin is tight and looks fresh at young age, it is necessary to cleanse and moisturize it. To keep the skin shiny, use a cleanser that suits your skin. Don’t forget to use the cleanser before applying makeup and always clean your makeup with a cleanser. Use moisturizer before going to bed at night and after waking up in the morning.

Eat well and exercise regularly
Eat healthy foods which contain all the essential vitamins and minerals as they help you in staying healthy and also help in getting good looking skin, eyes and hair. Avoid eating fast food. Never forget to exercise regularly as it is necessary to stay fit and look good.

Drink water
Make a habit of drinking eight glasses of water daily because it is very good for the skin and it also helps in protecting your collagen matrix.

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April 2, 2012

Women’s robes come in different styles and colors

Silk Robe

Robes have always been a favourite dress for women whether they are lazing around the house or having a relaxed time at the spa. Women’s robes come in a variety of different styles and colors. Prepared from a variety of different materials including cotton, silk, polyester and more, these robes offer style and comfort.

Women need robes for a variety of different purposes. All robes have a sash around the waist which can be easily knotted loose or tight. Modern robes are zipped front with kangaroo pockets and a hoodie as well. There are different types of robes worn by women and when you go out for shopping, you can choose one that suits your needs.

Silk Robes
Silk robes are worn by women all over the globe especially at night as overnight gowns or pajama suits. Silk gowns are famous for their comfort ability and are very light to carry. These gowns are best when worn on dry skin. Satin and silk do not have absorbing qualities and hence should not be worn right after a shower unless the body is dried first. Women silk robes come in a variety of colours and sizes. Some are ankle long whereas others end on your thighs. Silk robes cling to the body and show a better figure compared to thick materials such as terry cloth, chenille fabrics or velour.

Bath Robes
Women’s bath robes are usually made from towel material which is highly absorbent and can be worn immediately when you get out of the shower. These robes have varied thickness. Thick robes are cozier to wear in winters giving a very comfortable and easy feeling. Keeping in mind a woman’s needs, women robes come with and without pockets. People who prefer personalized items, can have personalized robes with names written on them in their favorite font.

Cotton Bathrobe

Cotton Robes
Women cotton robes are light weight and can be worn both at night or used as a bath robe. Like formal dresses, robes are also designed in different styles and offer a vast variety to choose from. Long robes for women are easily available as are the knee length robes or those shorter. Mostly available in full sleeves, you can even buy robes with generously cut sleeves to make them more comfortable to be in.

Whether you are looking for a luxury spa robe, satin and silk robe or are thinking of buying inexpensive cotton waffle robes for bulk purchase for a hotel or spa, you will find just the right one for you. Be sure to consider the construction and size of robe when purchasing one. Features such as collars, cuffs, and side pockets will give you added comfort and style.

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November 21, 2011

Stand Out from the Crowd with Great Women’s Formal Wear

Deciding what to wear has always been a daily challenge for most women. Formal dresses for women have been in demand since time immemorial. Whether it’s a business meeting, a birthday party, a funeral ceremony, a garden party or a romantic dinner evening, a formal dress is needed for all such occasions to make you look like a complete woman.

Wedding Dress

Women’s formal attire comes in a variety of different forms, shapes and sizes. Every woman wants to look more beautiful and wear something different that no one else has worn before. Ranging from a vast collection of fabric including silk, cotton, taffeta, lace to chiffon, these dresses come in a number of colors. Some floral some plain, from black to gold, formal dresses are made for every event and occasion.

Choosing accessories for your formal dress

A formal dress alone does not complete the criteria of making a woman stand out from the remaining lot. Accessorizing your dress is as important as choosing it in the first place. Matching shawl, scarf, lace, brooch, bow, belts and jewellery enhance the elegance of your dress leaving an impact on the beholder. Your hairstyle, make up, shoes, bag or clutch all combine to form a complete you.

Whether you are the bride or mother of the bride, women’s formal gowns have been customized to fulfill the needs of every woman. Plus size women formal wear are now easily available at major designer stores to cater the needs of bulky women. These dresses are stitched in a professional manner enabling women to look slimmer and classy.

Formal dresses for women come in variety of designs, shapes and sizes. Catering the needs of individual women and depending on the occasion, various styles including long and short cuts, revealing and concealing, big necklines and high neck, with zippers and loose off-the-shoulder style are made by designers.

Whatever you decide to buy for yourself, make sure you can carry it well and you look best in that look.

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June 8, 2010

Colours and You

Your favourite colours are not necessarily the ones that suit you best. The right colours for you are influenced by your skin, eyes and hair and also by your seasonal type spring, summer, autumn or winter. Your season is the range of colours which enhances your looks most. The majority of us fall largely into one of these four types, but you can also take shades from the nearest similar season. In fact you can wear almost any colour. It is the intensity of shade and where you wear it that counts.

Colours and You

Spring shades
are delicate, clear and bright with yellow tones, summer colours are cool and soft sometimes with blue tones, autumn shades are strong and warm, with orange and gold tones, and winter colours are vivid, clear and intense sometimes with icy blue tones.

The colour you wear close to your face and neck is the most important. It can diminish lines, camouflage circles under the eyes and make you look fit and healthy. On the other hand, the wrong colour can make you look sallow, add years and reflect your bad points!

With the help of our guide and seasonal colour palette find the colours which are best for you. Hold remnants of plain coloured fabric or scarves in the shades you feel are right for you next to your face, around your neck or over your shoulder. Don’t discount red if one particular shade doesn’t suit you.

Try it in another tone; remember there is a whole range to choose from! Likewise white rather than cream may suit some skin tones although at first glance there appears to be very little difference between them.

Carry out the colour test in natural daylight and wear something plain white. Look at your face and skin to judge the effect and not at the colour you’re holding up. Once you’ve discovered which colours are best for you, cut out small swatches of fabric or paper in those shades and take them along with you when you shop for clothes. They will help you to make the right decisions and save a lot of expensive mistakes.

Spring Colours

Choose clear, warm colours, ranging from delicate to bright, with yellow tones clear, bright corals, peach, salmon, orange and red, violets, light misty navy, aqua, true blue and golden yellow are good. Avoid black, dark and muted colours and any with blue undertones.

Summer Colours

Opt for soft, cool colours with a hint of blue, such as blue pink rather than coral. Lavender, plum, pastel greens and grey blue will be ideal for summer types who often have light brown or henna dyed hair. Think of softness rather than sharp contrast. Avoid black except in small doses, as in accessories.

Autumn Colours

Warm clothes with shades of gold suit you. Many autumn types have brown eyes. Rich browns, oranges, mustards, bronze and olive greens are also for you. Avoid black, navy and shades with a hint of blue. Make sure that any paler shades have depth and are not too pale.

Winter Colours

Choose vivid colours with depth and intensity. Winter types look good in black and white, rich pinks, emeralds, true reds, strong blues and icy shades with blue tones. Navy bright burgundy, purple and lemon look good. Avoid powdery shades. Go for silver grey and taupe instead.

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May 29, 2010

Tips on how to apply mascara

It is hard to believe that most of us do not know how to apply makeup mascara properly. However, these simple tips can teach you the secrets of applying eyes mascara properly. Whether you have short or long lashes, by following these easy steps, you can get full and thick lashes just the way professional artists do.

Choose your Mascara Brand

Cosmetic malls and drugstores display an array of make up mascara varieties, including long and thick mascara and even waterproof formulas. However, the only important thing to keep in mind when choosing your eye mascara is that you pick one which is black which adds definition to your lashes. However, if you are a blonde, you should opt for brown mascara for day time and use black at night.

Apply eye makeup first

If you plan to use eye makeup like an eye liner, eye pencil or eye shadow, apply that first. Mascara is the last thing you should apply to your eyes.

Use a curler

Always use a curler before applying mascara. Place the curler as close to the lashline as possible without pinching your eye lid. Make sure to walk the curler down your lashes as you work so your lashes do not get a harsh bend.

Eyelashes Mascara

Using your Wand

Start by applying the wand to the base of your outer lashes. First apply it on the top lashes and then start coating the lower end. Move the wand gently up to the tip of the lashes. Repeat the process moving towards the middle and inner lashes.

Make sure you move quickly and apply at least two coats before letting the mascara dry out. This will prevent any clumps from forming and will give you super thick lashes. For those of you who have thick and long lashes, one coat will be enough, but for those of you with thin and short lashes, you will need to go for a second coat.

Volumizing mascaras are best suited for thin and short lashes as they contain microfibers to add thickness to the lashes. Lengthening formulas are also popular among women with short lashes as they contain polymers which help to extend the lashes past the natural tips. Applying one thin layer is enough and works great.
The trick of mixing mascaras is also used by makeup artists to make the lashes look really heavy. They use one coat of lengthening mascara, followed by one coat of thickening mascara to give beautiful and sexy eyes.

Add the finishing touches

Finish applying mascara with one coat on your bottom lashes, but if you have very short lashes, then you can skip the bottom lash. Applying mascara to the bottom lashes really opens your eyes, giving them a big rounded look.

If you feel that the mascara has caused clumps on your lashes, gently use a mascara comb or a mascara brush to remove the clumps. If you don’t have a mascara comb, you can use your fingernails to remove any bags of mascara that may have collected on the tips of your lashes.

Use these mascara application instructions to get beautiful and lively eyes. Try them out a couple of times and you will be an expert at applying mascara soon.

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