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August 22, 2010

Skin Deep Treatments

Skin treatments can be soothing as well as relaxing, especially after a long and tiring day. Here are some skin deep treatments you should try out when you visit the spa next time. With the right products and spa salts and oils, you can enjoy these relaxing treatments at home.

Spa Treatment


Aromatherapy is the art of using plants, herbs and flowers to soften the impact of daily stress and strain. What’s great about it is that it’s adaptable to the individual. It’s an art that can be used to soothe, calm, rejuvenate and boost feelings of well being no matter what physical and mental state you’re in.

Sea Mud Pack

Sea Mud Pack forms a deep cleansing combination poultice of sea clay and skin smooth fruit enzymes to dissolve dead skin cells and leave the body relaxed and distressed. It also helps to detoxify and solves water retention problems.


Mineral packed spa water with its salts and traces of Manganese, potassium, copper & zinc, boosts the circulation and balances PH levels and moisture. It reduces water retention and puffiness and calms, soothes and relaxes irritated skin.

Salt Scrubs

They are designed to buff and polish skin. The rubbing action of exfoliating boosts sluggish circulation, particularly when skin is thicker. The granular texture removes dead cells from the top layer of the skin revealing a smoother surface, hence leaving skin in top condition all year long.

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June 28, 2010

Relax and revive with a soothing bath and a foot massage

A few minutes of relaxation can help you get rid of the stress and tensions of the day. It not only helps you to feel fresh again but revives you for the day ahead. Here are some tips to help you relax and revive after a tiring day.

Relaxing Bath

Mood therapy

A few drops of aromatherapy oil added to your bath can relax or refresh you, depending on the fragrance you choose. Use essential oil and add six to eight drops to a drawn bath (if you add essential oil to running water it will instantly evaporate). Before you step in, gently swish the water around with your hand or a bar of soap, so the oil distributes itself evenly across the surface. Then slowly lower yourself into the bath, lie back, close your eyes and allow the heady aroma to envelope your senses.

Which essential oil to choose?

For Relaxing, lavender is excellent with its calming and cleansing properties. It’s also gently antiseptic and is perfect for soothing those tired aching muscles.

For Reviving, choose lemon grass with its lively citrus scent or basil with refreshing and strengthening properties.

Either will lift flagging spirits and boost energy levels after a hard day’s work.

Bubble talk

If you like to wallow in a mass of scented bubbles, there’s nothing to a really deep foaming bath. For best results, pour one capful of bubble bath directly into the running water as you start your bath and add another capful about halfway through. Choose moisturizing bubble baths which are delicately scented according to your mood.

Herbal remedy

If you don’t like bath additives, but love the idea of a fragrance-filled bathroom, a herb bath is the perfect answer. Wrap and tie muslin round some dried herbs then attach to the bath tap so the hot water can run over it. As it does so, vapors are released. Choose rosemary and thyme for their stimulating properties and fennel and sage for relaxing.

Pillow talk

Invest in a small bath pillow to rest your head on. Not only does it make relaxing in the bath more comfortable, it gives you the perfect excuse for an extra five minutes of pure indulgence. Look out for pillows with suction pads that stick onto the tub; that way you won’t slip down into the bath.

Steam clean

Incorporate your skin care routine into bath time by steaming your face. First remove all traces of make up before you step into the bath. Tuck your hair into a cap or tie it away from your face, and then lie back and let the steamy atmosphere deep cleanse your skin and draw any impurities to the surface. Then while you’re still in the bath, wipe your face with a little toner and apply a face pack for the last 5 to 10 minutes.

Soap opera

Lather up a bar of luxuriously scented smooth and creamy soap. But take care, soap can be drying, so only cleanse areas where hygiene is a necessity and always rinse well afterwards too.

Superfatted soaps are best for drier skins, as they have a creamier texture.

Foot Massage

Massage matters

Soften your skin with body lotion immediately after a bath or shower when skin is still damp and absorbs moisture best. Simply work a little lotion between the palms of your hands and then massage in with firm upward strokes.

Powder velvet

Lightly dust a little talcum powder over your skin to help absorb excess moisture, but as talcum can be drying, use only on areas that perspire.

Fragrant layers

For those special occasions, pamper yourself with soap, talc, body cream and spray that are richly scented with your favourite perfume. Many of the new body creams contain fragrances so intense you could wear them alone. But for those times when you want your fragrance to last all evening, body and bath products that match it are the perfect solution.

Beautiful endings

Tired aching feet will benefit from a little extra attention. Fill up a large bowl with warm water and add five to six drops of rosemary essential oil. Five minutes is all that’s needed to allow the stimulating properties of the rosemary oil to get to work. Afterwards, dry well with a towel and rub in some refreshing foot lotion.

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June 6, 2010

Beauty Bath

Close the door behind you and enter your own private world. The Bath… Your great escape.

Let all the encounters and stresses of the day fade away while you deliver yourself to this unique realm of luxury and seclusion. Pampering yourself a warm, relaxing fragrant bath at the end of the day or before a night out has always been one of life’s most rewarding pleasures. Learn to enjoy it to the utmost and you will discover one of the world’s oldest beauty rituals. Even if you are a confirmed shower addict an occasional bath is undeniably welcome therapy. Not only does it give you a chance to soak in healing water, but it allows you time to reflect and synthesize the events of your life in sane surroundings. You feel reborn and alive again in both body and spirit. For getting back to basics nothing beats the bath!

Beauty Bath

Enhance the Experience

Whether your bath room is small, sleek and streamlined or large and old fashioned with antique fixtures and lots of room, certain additions can turn any room into a special retreat. Add to the ambiance of your bath by paying attention to details that pay off in a big way. For instance think about the lightening soft things that are far more soothing than harsh bright ones. This change may be as simple as installing a dimmer switch to your bathroom light so you can dim the lights for a soothing bath which still allows brighter lights when needed. If that is not possible, buy a child’s night light and plug into any outlet when you are ready for a leisurely soak. Don’t forget candlelight is another easy way to add a soft warm glow to your room. Just make sure that the candle is set on a level safe place.

Music is a plus in creating a relaxing atmosphere. A radio turned to your favourite soft music is an easy way to make your bath special. Again, take steps for safety and make sure the radio is away from the tub, sink and is at a place where water can’t reach it.


Fragrance adds another sensual appeal. Add a few drops of bath perfume to your bath water to make your soak more special. Take advantage of the free sample vials handed out at most perfume counters; they are perfectly measured for use in the tub!


You can bring a spa feeling into your bathroom and savour the benefits without leaving your home. By keeping in mind the “therapeutic” quality of the spa you can make water work for you. Water temperature is key to the perfect bath whether you want it to be a soothing soak or an energy booster. Beware of extremes of temperature since too hot or too cold water can not only ruin your bath but can be dangerous as well. The ideal bath temperature is warm in the range of 85 to 95 degrees near your body’s normal temperature. Any higher say over 100 degrees is too hot even though soaking in steamy water sounds as if it would be good for you but the skin actually responds negatively to hot water since it will rapidly lose moisture as your body fights to cool down.

Those with dry skin should heed this warning, as they can’t afford to lose precious moisture. A too hot soak will result in wrinkled, prune like skin when you emerge from the tub, as well as leaving you drained of energy. Even worse, the heat may encourage spider veins to form on legs. If you insist on a hot water bath, begin with warm water then gradually add hot water in the tub This gives your bath a chance to acclimate itself. The recommended time for soaking is about 20 mins. Again use caution not to overdo it since it may cause your skin to lose moisture. If you still yearn for a hot bath, fool yourself by letting the shower run on hot to create a steam bath then run a warm tub and step in. Leave the curtain drawn around the tub to confine the steam.

Tub Tools

Your bath should benefit your entire body and there’s no better time for body treatments than while you’re soaking in the tub and your skin has become softened. To take full advantage of your bath, make sure to keep pampering equipment close at hand. Pumice stone will help get rid of rough skin on your feet, elbows, knees and a back brush to rub over hard-to-reach places and to give the skin on your back a thorough cleansing.

A loofah is also used to massage soap or bath gel into the wet mitt and gently but firmly buff your skin all over the body to both cleanse and polish it. This rubbing action not only rids the top layer of skin of any dead cells, but it also improves blood circulation under the skin to add a glow. Soak for a few minutes so skin softens a bit, then apply your loofah massage on shoulders, elbows, legs, knees feet and back. Use circular motions for best results. This loofah massage is a great cellulite chaster, just concentrate the buffing action on cellulite spots and keep up the massage action for at least 3 mins on each spot.

Bath Salts

Another spa treatment you can easily duplicate at home is the salt scrub. Soak for a few minutes making sure your skin is wet. Briskly run a hand full of sea salts over arms, legs, shoulders and back. Rinse off well in shower, then refill the tub and soak; your skin will tingle and all dead cells will be gone.

Bubble Bath Bonus

Nothing elicits the feeling of true luxury more than a bubble bath. You can really pamper yourself and invest in one of the many brands available in the market. Or you can make it yourself and pour a few capfuls of your favourite shampoo into the running tap water. Either way, the rich lather will cleanse your skin and make your bath more pleasurable.

Bath oil is another way to add luxury and is especially good if you have dry skin. Just add a capful of oil to the water to keep the moisture in the skin. Again you can buy specially prepared bath oil scented with perfume or make your own brand by combining four ounces of almond oil with a small sample vial of your favourite perfume.

Bath Time Facial

Even the skin on your face can benefit from your relaxing soak. Use the time in the tub and steam from the water to give yourself a facial. If your skin is oily, use a facial scrub or complexion brush with soap or cleanser to deep clean and open pores. While your tub is filling, lean over the edge and allow the steam to float on your face for a minute, then rinse face well. Apply a facial masque over forehead, cheeks and chin and let dry while you are soaking. The masque will have worked its magic by the time your bath is done.

Towel Tricks

Instead of just patting yourself dry, rev up your circulation and get a healthy glow by giving your skin a brisk rub down. Twist a bath towel and grab opposite ends with each hand quickly stretching the towel across the shoulders and back and around your arms and legs rubbing against skin as you dry. Next, extend arms upwards still holding twisted towel ends in each hand. Bend and stretch from the waist first to left then to right sides, hold for a count of eight at each side.

Skin Sense

No matter what your skin type, now is the time to moisturize your body for best results. After the bath skin is softened and pores are opened, so it is more receptive to a good body lotion. Begin with feet and work the cream into the heels and soles, then slather more lotion on legs. If you have shaved your legs in the tub pay special attention to your legs. A good layer of emollient cream will soothe and soften legs and prevent any redness or razor burns. Don’t forget to moisturize forgotten zones like elbows and neck. A daily application of moisturizer will help keep skin on elbows from cracking and banish lines from your neck. Remember that your moisturizer gives the best results when it is applied to either wet or damp skin.

Even though any body lotion will soften skin you may want to treat yourself to scented lotion one that matches your favourite perfume or cologne so you can layer this fragrance to increase its strength and scent potential.

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