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July 15, 2006

Caring for your baby before birth

Every parent wants to do what is best for their baby. A fact no one can deny. But when does the ‘parenting’ actually begin? When do you become a parent? I believe from the moment the baby is conceived. And let me add, that throughout this time, the father should be as much a part of the unborn baby’s life as the mother because when the going gets tough for her, he should be there to offer his support and comfort which matters a lot to the expectant mother. He should make sure that she does not face the mothering all alone. Mutual love and understanding counts at all times, especially when the mother-to-bes drastic mood swings and sickness. Hence the father plays a very important role in the baby’s life, making the mothers time soothing and comfortable, free of any stress or anxiety.

Here are some of the key ways by which you can ensure the birth of a healthy baby:

  • The couple must not smoke. The cigarette fumes can be as harmful for a non-smoker as it is for a smoker.
  • Avoid taking antibiotics or any medication, unless it is absolutely essential. Of course this is maily for Mama dear.
  • Keep your weight at it’s very normal.
  • Have a regular routine which includes plenty of exercise, enough sleep and being in command of your life.
  • Have a thorough medical check-up. Find out if your blood type is compatible with that of your husband’s. Get a blood a urine test.
  • It is also important for you to find out about any family illnesses like heart trouble, diabetes etc. Find out as much as possible about these.
  • Get a good baby book and read it now. Later you won’t get time! (Nor the peace and quiet!)
  • Choose a good doctor, someone whom you know, or you have had knowledge of. Someone you can trust because one needs reassurance from a doctor who is available throughout the nine months.
  • Try to have a baby between the ages of 20 and 40.
  • Have at least a two to three year gap between children. Only then is your body ready to carry or produce another baby, without making it a terrible strain for you.
  • Be sure you are protected against Rubella measles and other contagious diseases (for which immunization is possible) before you get pregnant.
  • If you or your husband have the genital herpes infection, the doctor must be informed.
  • During your pregnancy, do not touch a cat; it might be a source of toxoplasmosis infection.
  • Avoid eating undercooked meal. Also, when cooking meat be very scrupulous while handling it, and you must wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. Also wash the cutting board and knife used for cutting raw meat thoroughly after use.
  • Do not take any medicines, even an aspirin during pregnancy without your doctor’s advice. If you are already under medication, before you get pregnant, you must inform your doctor about your pregnancy and ask if it is wise to continue.
  • If a pregnant woman takes drugs, it is most probable that her baby will become addicted too.
  • You must avoid being X-rayed and also being in an X-ray room.
  • Similarly, avoid sitting in front of a monitor careen while working on the computer. There is no proof as to how harmful could it be, but as they say, “Prevention is better than cure”.
  • When using the microwave, do not stand in front of it. Stand away from it. You never know there might be a leakage from the joints of the gadget.
  • You must get regular check-ups. Take vitamins, iron and calcium regularly, only by the doctor’s recommendation.
  • Try to keep yourself away from stress and depressing news because the more you will protect your unborn from anxiety, the more content and a happier Mum-to-be you would be!

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