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Classy Smokey Eyes

Sleek, sophisticated eyes call for attention to detail. So polish up your make up methods for perfect peepers. Go for bold shades but keep a light hand: blending and smudging are all important.

Smokey Eyes

Pick from a palette of muted matte shadows such as grey, plum, mocha, midnight blue or moss green and add a subtle shimmer with a silvered glaze. For the ultimate in smoky, smouldering eyes we choose charcoal grey, plum and jet black. You will need to consider the rest of your face when you plan your eye make up so that you can strike the right colour balance. In most cases, a pale powdered complexion is the best base with a mere hint of dusky pink blusher swept high over cheekbones and temples. Use deep plum glossed with silver lilac for a ritzy finishing touch for your lips.

Tips for smokey eye make up

  • Using a deep plum shadow, stroke the colour over the socket line, blending well. Shade the outer corner.
  • Select a smoky charcoal grey and dust the eye area from lid to brow extending the shadow slightly over the natural end of the lid, winging it upwards.
  • Gently run a soft, jet black kohl pencil around the inner rim of the eye to give an almond shaped feline gaze. Then smudge a line of the top lid.
  • After using lash curlers stroke several coats of lash lengthening velvety black mascara Define the brown with an eyebrow pencil to enhance the depth of colour. Check these tips to apply mascara to help you.

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